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Beginning App Development with Flutter Create Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Beginning App Development with Flutter Mobile Apps-Ebook-PDF

Praise for Beginning App Development with Flutter Create Cross-Platform Mobile Apps | Beginning App Development with Flutter Mobile Apps-Ebook-PDF.

Who is this book for?
If you’re a developer with experience in some object-oriented language like Java, C#, C++, or Objective-C and you want to create Android apps, iOS apps, or web apps with Flutter, this book is for you. It is especially important for you if you want to create an app that runs on multiple platforms and if you are new to Flutter.

If you’ve got some experience already with Flutter, you’ll  undoubtedly learn something, but we’re not expecting that you have any prerequisite knowledge or experience with Flutter. All of our chapters are written with the assumption that everything in Flutter is completely new to you.

If you know anything about iOS development, Android development, or web development, that will certainly help with understanding the topics because there are lots of analogies in them for Flutter. The more you know about those things, the better, especially JavaScript and React. But if you know none of them, don’t fret. They’re by no means necessary.

Knowledge of the Dart language also will help. We’ve found that Dart has got its unique features for sure, but it is extremely easy to pick up if you understand object-oriented concepts. Heck, if you know Java or C#, most code snippets are understandable without any explanation of the language.

Read a few and you’ll be writing your own in no time.

At the same time, there are some unique but very cool Dart features that we consider best practices. We could have “simplified” the code for Java devs by not using these best practices, but in the long run that’s not doing you any favors. Instead, we go ahead and use them, but we do explain those things in “Appendix A: Dart Language Overview.” In there, we give you a cheat sheet with just enough detail to write code, followed.

Beginning App Development with Flutter Mobile Apps-Ebook-PDF

Who is this book for?

by a more in-depth explanation of the features that will be unexpected by developers of other languages. Pay special attention to the section called “Unexpected things about Dart.”

What is covered?

This book teaches you how to create fully functioning and feature-rich apps that run on iOS, Android, and the Web. We do this in three sections.

Part I: Introduction to Flutter.

Part II: Foundational Flutter.

Part III: Above and Beyond.

What is not covered and where can
I find it?

As importantly, you should know what not to expect in the book. We will not give you a primer on the Dart programming language beyond the aforementioned appendix. We simply didn’t think it was the best use of your time and wanted to dive right into Flutter. If you feel you need a primer later on, go here: followed by

We chose not to discuss deploying to the app stores. The stores already do a fine job of explaining how to submit an app. That, and the process, changes so frequently that
your definitive resource ought to be the stores themselves. You’ll find instructions at and here:

And we aren’t going to cover certain advanced topics like device-specific development in iOS and Android or adding Flutter to an existing iOS/Android project.

This is a beginner’s book and we didn’t want to overwhelm you. These and so many other topics can be found on the Web by searching and through some of the other resources we’ll point you to in the last chapter of book.

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Beginning App Development with Flutter Mobile Apps-Ebook-PDF

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