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Create a Smart Contract on WAX blockchain including NFT RNG

Learn how to interact with blockchain Oracles to create RNG and also create NFT’s on WAX with smart contracts in C++ | WAX blockchain.

What you’ll learn

Create a Smart Contract on WAX blockchain including NFT RNG

  • How to set up an environment in Docker to develop a Smart Contract on WAX
  • How to create a basic Smart Contract on WAX
  • Learn how to interact with Blockchain Oracles on WAX to generate random numbers
  • How to create NFT on the WAX blockchain

Requirements for WAX blockchain.

  • Intermediary knowledge of any programing language
  • Basic Programming knowledge in C or C++ is an advantage but not a must
  • Docker installed and configured (info in how to do it on my youtube channel) if need

Description for WAX blockchain.

Note: This course is on PRE-RELEASE more classes are been added weekly until the full course is finished, I expect the full course to have something between 6 and 8 hours.


What is WAX? WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange and is a blockchain specifically made for trading virtual items such as rare and collectible items in video games and virtual worlds.

WAX is fully compatible with EOS smart contracts and offers free blockchain accounts and cheaper fees. This course will provide you with an overview of how to deploy your EOS/WAX dApps to our local test network, them to the WAX Testnet where we will interact with other contracts such as a blockchain Oracle for Random number generator and the contact for Simple Assets to create NFTs and finally after that to the WAX manner.

This course will use C++ to write the contract, contracts on the WAX network can be written in any language that compiles to WebAssembler, however, I decide to use C++ as it is the language with more support at the moment.

Even the course has been in C++ if you have any understanding of programming you should be able to follow the course along without problems, I take the student step by step while writing and reading the contract, explaining every command and comparing it to other languages more common such as JavaScript or C# so don’t be intimidated by it, also I’m always around helping students and answering questions.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers that want to start to develop smart contracts
  • Developers that want to start developing the WAX blockchain
  • Last updated 6/2021

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