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Django From The Basics to Build Large Apps and Rest APIs

Learn the framework of python Django, the tutorial starts from the very basics to advanced concepts. | Django from the basics to Build Large Apps.

What you’ll learn

Django From The Basics to Build Large Apps and Rest APIs

  • Django basics ( models, views, templates, routing, migrations, apps)
  • how to create a complete Rest API in Django
  • learn how to add pagination, export to JSON/CSV
  • how to create a messenger system

Requirements for Django From The Basics.

  • python and HTML basics

Description for Django From The Basics.

this course allows web developers to learn in practice the framework of python  Django, the course is totally pedagogic, always the course starts with simple apps to create a more complex application in the start of each chapter you have  a full document that contains the concepts plus the most used commands, the content of this tutorial :


learn the basics of Django(study the MVT structure, routing, models, views, templates, authentication, forms Classes, use static files, create the base layout)

put the basics in practice by creating a student manager app, it a small app to be familiar with concepts

implementing a bootstrap template in Django and how to structure your project

build a more complex application: create complete contact applications with advanced features  ( implement authentication, export data sets to JSON, export data sets t to CSV)

add pagination to manage the number of items on a page, create a messenger system between contact.

create a rest API  for task management and test it using Postman.

learn how to upload files in Django to a specific folder and how to use them in a template.

after finishing this tutorial you be able to create large applications with great structure, I tried as much as possible to pass on the different concepts and explain them again and again to solidify them.

Who Django From The Basics course is for:

  • python developers
  • Django developers
  • web developers
  • Last updated 6/2021

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